Wanted agents nationwide!

Three advantages, strength assurance, to help you get rich!

Advantage one: R & D design, production and installation, after-sales maintenance of specialized services

From R & D, design, production, installation to after-sales company has a professional team responsible for every aspect, regulate efficient and ensure quality.

Advantage two: tailor-made, professional build
The company introduced a variety of customized equipment, to meet customer demand on the basis of seeking to create practical equipment.

Advantage three: cooperation with large real estate companies and more
At present, the company has built more than 100 project examples and has cooperated with many large-scale real estate enterprises such as Evergrande, Poly, Longhu, Wanda, Hisense, Oaks and Cade.

Join us, enjoy a strong policy support, allowing you worry-free start-up!         

1, product sales tracking service guarantee;
2, management, marketing, publicity system support;
3, the franchisee for systematic training;
4, to provide technical support for product systems.

With the company's competitive products, improve service processes,
strong market support policies, we are absolutely your choice!

We sincerely look forward to your joining, to open up a three-dimensional garage industry, a blue ocean!

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