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Second layer side (PSHCB)

Product description:
The upper frame is moved out, the bottom carriage plate stays inside the frame, and the vehicle accesses the car after the upper carriage plate drops to the ground. The lower deck is parked, and the vehicle goes straight into the garage after the lower deck is moved laterally into place;

1. [Parking straight in and straight out, no need to turn]
2. [Parking spaces are clearly owned and do not interfere with each other]
3. [Narrow areas, residential green belts or corners and individual and group installations]
4. [No need to do foundation, easy to disassemble and install]

Project Unit Technical performance parameters
Parkable vehicles length × width × height mm Upper deck parking space: ≤5000×1850×1550
Ground parking space: ≤5000×1850×1550
Weight kg Upper deck parking space: ≤2000
Lower parking space: ≤2000
Rated speed Lift m/min 5
Traverse m/min 8
Lift kw 2.2
Motor power
Traverse kw 0.2
Drive mode Motor+chain
Operation method Keys/touch screen
Control mode PLC automatic control loop
Power supply 3N, AC, 380V, 50Hz

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