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Double column single lift (PJSSZ)

Product description:
There are upper and lower parking spaces, and the lower parking space can directly access the vehicle; when picking up the car from the upper parking space, the lower floor must give way, and the upper parking plate is lowered to the ground, and the vehicle can enter and exit freely;

1. [Low cost and low maintenance cost]
2. [Modular design, flexible use form]
3. [Flexible layout, convenient combination, reasonable organization, safe and reliable]
4. [Installation is simple and fast]

Project Unit Technical performance parameters
Parkable vehicles length × width × height mm Upper deck parking space: ≤5000×1850×1550
Ground parking space: ≤5000×1850×1550
Weight kg Upper deck parking space: ≤2000
Lower parking space: ≤2000
Rated speed Lift m/min 7-9
Mobile m/min 4-6
Lift kw 2.2
Motor power
Mobile kw 0.75
Turn kw 0.37
Drive mode Motor+chain
Operation method Keys/touch screen
Control mode PLC automatic control loop
Power supply 3N, AC, 380V, 50Hz

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