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No-yield parking garage

Product description:
This equipment realizes "no-dodge" (the upper car gets off, the lower car does not need to avoid) parking, and at the same time, it can effectively solve the defects of the current three-dimensional parking equipment, such as reversing into the garage, parking, long time to pick up the car, and underground efficiency. It can be installed directly on the ground, and there is no guide groove, so there will be no water accumulation in the pit and corrosion of parts. It is used for indoor parking lot management in residential quarters, commercial office buildings, enterprises and institutions, especially the choice of underground garages with one floor below;

1. [The access process is simple and the operation difficulty is low]
2. [Go straight in and out when parking, no need to turn]
3. [Parking spaces are clearly owned and do not interfere with each other]
4. [The bottom floor is a completely natural parking space, and the upper floor is a mechanical parking space (personal exclusive)]

 Project Unit Technical performance parameters
Parkable vehicles length × width × height mm Upper deck parking space: ≤5000×1850×1550
Ground parking space: ≤5000×1850×1550
Weight kg Upper deck parking space: ≤2000
Lower parking space: ≤2000
Rated speed Lift m/min 5
Traverse m/min 8
Lift kw 2.2
Motor power
Traverse kw 0.75
Drive mode Motor+chain
Operation method Keys/touch screen
Control mode PLC automatic control loop
Power supply 3N, AC, 380V, 50Hz

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