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Cloud street (PPY)

Product description:
Yunjie equipment consists of three parts: frame, lifting mechanism, and lifting and handling mechanism; when a parking space needs to pick up a car, the lifting and handling mechanism moves to the designated parking space, and is lifted and transported to the lifting mechanism through the exchange of comb teeth, and lowered to the storage At the vehicle passage, the vehicle drives away, and the action of taking the vehicle is the opposite;

1. [The process of accessing the car is simple and the operation difficulty is low]
2. [Simple structure, stable operation and high safety factor]
3. [The appearance can be consistent with the surrounding architectural style without affecting the overall image of the surrounding area]
4. [The ground floor area has a variety of choices, which can be used for greening, parking spaces, business, etc...]

Project Unit Technical performance parameters
Parkable vehicles length × width × height mm Upper deck parking space: ≤5000×1850×1550
Ground parking space: ≤5000×1850×1550
Weight kg Upper deck parking space: ≤2000
Lower parking space: unlimited
Rated speed Lift m/min 5
Traverse m/min 8
Lift kw 2.2
Motor power
Traverse kw 0.75
Drive mode Motor+chain
Operation method Keys/touch screen
Control mode PLC automatic control loop
Power supply 3N, AC, 380V, 50Hz

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